reading apple ii disks with PCs: it WORKS

From: Silvio Finotti <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 12:20:03 2004

Hi all,

The link for the "magical" software are:

For use with C64 disks, you'll have to make a little
"hack" at the PC 5,25 drive. (it needs to spin at
300rpm, and almost all 5,25 drives will spin at defaut
at 360rpm)

For reading the flip side of the disk it's necessary
an othe hack at the 5,25 drive. It's very simple, I've
made it mysel without problems...

If anyone wants some help on reading the disks, let me
know... it's really simple. I have some images here
that I extracted... if anyone want to "see" one of
them, let me know too...

[ ]s
Silvio Finotti


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