MicroVax II question

From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Tue Jan 6 12:30:35 2004

On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, John Allain wrote:

> RA's go to KDA50's doing SDI
MSCP controller.

> RD's go to RQDX's doing MFM/RLL
MSCP controller.

> RF's go to KFQSA's doing DSSI
MSCP controller.

> RZ's go to KZQSA's doing SCSI
Dunno, or(T)MSCP.

So, yes, you can use all of these in a single system, if
you have enough addresses and vectors for the controllers
and are able to tell the OS what those addresses are- the
OS still uses a single device driver for all of them.

(perhaps not for the KZQSA, see other msg)

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