reading apple ii disks with PCs: it WORKS

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 13:14:19 2004

>Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 15:20:03 -0300 (ART)
>From: "Silvio Finotti" <>
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>Subject: Re: reading apple ii disks with PCs: it WORKS
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>Hi all,
>The link for the "magical" software are:
>For use with C64 disks, you'll have to make a little
>"hack" at the PC 5,25 drive. (it needs to spin at
>300rpm, and almost all 5,25 drives will spin at defaut
>at 360rpm)

 Of course, I suspect that if you use a 360K drive, this
isn't an issue. From the docs, it looks like it is
configureable on things like double stepping for the 96tpi.

>For reading the flip side of the disk it's necessary
>an othe hack at the 5,25 drive. It's very simple, I've
>made it mysel without problems...
>If anyone wants some help on reading the disks, let me
>know... it's really simple. I have some images here
>that I extracted... if anyone want to "see" one of
>them, let me know too...
>[ ]s
>Silvio Finotti
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