Wanted WD-100x disk controllers -- NOT for ISA bus

From: Brett Kropf <Brett_at_Kropf.com>
Date: Tue Jan 6 11:39:43 2004

Back about July 2002, you wrote:

> Does anyone have any spare WD-1000, WD-1001,
> or related disk controllers, or documentation on them?

I have a WD1002-SASI (TAN) controller card in unknown condition.
(The "TAN" is hand written, and is also written on a BIOS chip "Tan

I purchased it used about 20 years ago to attempt to add a Hard Drive to
a TI-99/4A, although I never actually started the project.

I also have a 534 page Western Digital Corp. June 1984 Storage
Management Products Handbook that includes data on the following
"Winchester Board Products":

The WD1002-SHD (at least) has data regarding the SASI port.

If interested, make me a serious offer, and include your ZIP-Code to
determine shipping.


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