the computer gods giveth, and take away (mild humor/angst)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Tue Jan 6 20:26:26 2004

You wrote....
> maybe it's a suggestion to put it upstairs so we don't hear it being taken
> those dreadful "my basement flooded" stories that I have heard too often.
Only with a crane would it be moved upstairs. It has the eyebolts for it,
and that's the recommended method as per the rack manual :)

> What can you possibly be doing with the master bedroom that doesn't
> need a warm glowing and blinking object in the corner.
Not a thing *G*

> Sure it has fans, but if you are a proper NRA member, you have the
> proper ear protection to guard against that.
(looking in the closet) SKS (tricked out), M1, Mosin-Nagant... yeah, I
qualify :)

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