the computer gods giveth, and take away (mild humor/angst)

From: chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 7 09:14:08 2004

>It seems people who collect old computers also tend to collect
>fire-arms. Old cars also seem to be popular among the classic computer set.

Weird. Although I wasn't specifically a gun collector (they are a little
harder to get in NJ, but not impossible), I did collect weapons in

Oddly, I have recently given up that hobby, right about the same time
that I started getting out of computer collecting as well. They must both
operate from the same chunk of brain :-)

And as for the old cars... ever since my 1965 T-Bird disaster, I have
prefered to view them from a far and simply drool and wish I could have
them. Although now that I have a house, garage, and driveway, I might
take a serious look at getting something to restore (and finally have a
hobby my wife will want to join me in!)

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