FREE! PC III portable computer

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Jan 7 15:16:23 2004

  I picked this up today but it doesn't seem to work. If anyone wants it
for the costs of shipping drop me a line BEFORE Saturday. It's a lunchbox
type portable computer with a keyboard that detachs from one side. It has a
red gas plasma screen, a 286-10 CPU and appears to have 1Mb of RAM. It has
a hard drive (size unknown) and a 5 1/4" FD. There is a slot for a 3 1/2"
FD. There are 8 16 bit ISA slots in it but some of them are inaccessable.
There are five accessable slots but three of them are used. The screen
appears to work but no text appears on it when I power it on. There's no
drive activity so I think it has a POST problem. I put in a POST card and
it sequencies through a lot of POST tests then starts showing 010, 000,
010, 000, etc. But it does appear to go through most of the POSTs I'm
guessing that it's mostly functional. I don't know what BIOS it uses so I
don't know what the codes mean. It may just need the CMOS batteries
replaced or the DIP switches on the display card may have been monkeyed
with and may not be set right. It's also missing two keys (F1 and - on the
keypad). There's no name on it but a couple of the cards were made by
Orchid so that might be the manufacturer. It's located in Orlando Fla
(32765). Anybody want it?

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