KZQSA and disks, was Re: MicroVax II question

From: meltie <>
Date: Wed Jan 7 18:42:48 2004

On Wednesday 07 Jan 2004 9:40 am, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Jan 2004 21:08:15 +0100 (MET)
> "Fred N. van Kempen" <> wrote:
> > such as the KZQSA. Which, if memory serves me right, was just an NCR
> > 5340 or 5380 atop a Qbus bus interface..
> Maybe I should have written somthing like this in my first mail.
> AFAIK the KZQSA is "dump", it doesn't support (T)MSCP and has no
> embedded processor like the KFQSA or RQDXn. It is only of use in a VAX
> 4000 QBus machine, as only this machines have the needed ROM code for
> booting from it. So this thing is of no real use on a PDP-11 or an older
> VAX and it doesn't fit into a BA23 or BA123. (Even when you remove the
> SBox handle. The connectors are to big for the smaler card spaceing in a
> BA23 or BA123.) It may be possible to attach and use tapes, CDROMs and
> even disks to it. But DEC intended it as tape or CDROM controler, not
> for disks.

Hang on hang on, back up here - the KZQSA is bootable if it's used in say,
a 4000/200, yes? Wow, I turned one down a few months ago because i'd heard
it wasn't bootable and was only supported under VMS. If it's at least
bootable then i'll go and chase it up and have a fiddle!

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