Great arcade Find Today

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Fri Jan 9 06:45:19 2004

And thusly Keys spake:
> Went to an auction today and picked up a 1989 Sega Golden Axe arcade machine
> that seems to work (not fully tested yet). Looks like it's Version 1 of the
> game. There is some screen burn-in but it only cost $2.50 to win the bid so
> I can live with it. It took 8 guys lifting it to help me load it into my van
> and only two of us to unload it home. Anyone know the dip setting for free
> play on the machine? Thanks

Check out:

Congratulations on a **great** find! :) Do you have any other arcade


Bryan Pope
Received on Fri Jan 09 2004 - 06:45:19 GMT

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