BOUNTY: Looking for Koby Electronics HS300-01 power supply

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Fri Jan 9 17:08:18 2004

I'm renewing an old bounty. I need to find a Koby Electronics HS300-01
power supply circa 1986. A technical manual would also be relevant. This
was including in a product made by Interand Corporation out of Illinois.

The relevant feature of the power supply is that it would "monitor a
network in a low power mode and 'wake-up' if there was activity". Since
this is not generally the function of a power supply, it may be that the
power supply had some sort of sensing circuitry to monitor a data
connection and then fully power up when it sensed activity. If there are
any other products circa 1986 that fit this description then that would
also be relevant.

The timeframe for this is very short: I need something by Monday for my

If this rings a bell with anyone then please get back to me. I'm paying a
bounty for solid leads.

Please contact me directly if you've got anything.


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