DDC BUS-65517 1553 card

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley_at_swri.edu>
Date: Sat Jan 10 00:32:39 2004

>At 04:24 PM 1/8/04 +0200, you wrote:
>>Hi all
>>OK, so I have three of these cards (DDC BUS-65517) but no
>>software or any other info.
> Did you try DDC? I've gotten several manuals from their site.
>>First time I've seen triaxial BNC connectors :-)
>>So, how do I make it work?
> They're probably not much use to you. The 1553 bus is used on aircraft
>(and spacecraft?) to let the different systems talk to eadh other.

Spacecraft, yes. IMAGE used them, so will New Horizons (headed for
Pluto, will be *very* on-topic before it gets to its destination. Not
yet though, apologies.)

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