Anyone here familar with Motorolda PowerStack computers?

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 10:15:02 2004

Hi, Joe,

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On 09-Jan-04 at 18:46 Joe wrote:

>I picked up two of these yesterday. I searched the net but didn't find
>much information about them but I did find enough so that I know what they
>are. However one of the ones that I have doesn't have the rounded top.
>Instead the top is flat and it has a rectangular opening in it and a
>circuit board sticking up into the opening. It looks like it was made for
>an expansion chassis to mate with. Anybody know more about that?

        Yes indeed. I used to service the 'PowerStack' VME version systems.

        What you have there is one of two possible configurations. One system type was made with a PowerPC 603 chip, if I recall, and the other was done with a VMEbus, designed to run with MVME187 or 197 CPU boards.

        The expansion configuration you describe is exactly that. The PowerStack series were expanded by popping off the cover, and locking in another module. I think you could have at least four, possibly a max of six (it has been at least 11 years since I've seen one). They use SCSI exclusively for peripheral expansion. No Idiotic Drive Electronics in these monsters!

        OS-wise, they were both designed to run with Motorola's System V Unix release. I don't recall if other OS's will run on them.

        That's all I remember. Perhaps others will pipe up with corrections or additions.

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