Anyone here familar with Motorolda PowerStack computers?

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 10:55:02 2004

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>On Fri, 09 Jan 2004 18:46:08 -0500
>Joe <> wrote:
>> I picked up two of these yesterday. I searched the net but didn't
>> find
>> much information about them but I did find enough so that I know what
>> they are.
>There are many different variants of "PowerStack" boxen. I have a
>"PowerStack I" and a "PowerStack II". They are PeeCeeish looking
>minitowers. There is a PReP architecture PCI/ISA mainboard with PPC604

   Both of these are E series machines with the PPC 604/166 CPUs in the
grey desktop boxs. Model number EX-604E-166.

>> However one of the ones that I have doesn't have the rounded top.
>> Instead the top is flat and it has a rectangular opening in it and a
>> circuit board sticking up into the opening. It looks like it was made
>> for an expansion chassis to mate with. Anybody know more about that?
>Seems you have one of the older VME based machines. Well, as the name
>Power_Stack_ implies, you can stack an expansion chassis on top.

   That was the impression that I got but I couldn't find anything
definite. I opened the 2nd box (the one with the slightly rounded top. The
metal RF shield inside has the cutout of the card access slot and the card
is in place too. The only difference seems to be the plastic shell. The
funny thing is that the box with the accessible expansion slot has a hard
drive in it but the one without the expansion slot doesn't! No, it doesn't
appear that the drive was removed.

  Anybody have any suggestions for a particularly suitable use for them?
Apparently they'll run Linux, AIX or Windows NT.

> Jochen
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