epson hx-20

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Jan 10 15:39:35 2004

> i hope you can help me. i found you with i=B4m looking =

You have posted to a large mailing list, not to a single person!

> for a schematic of an epson hx-20 and other technical information. i =

I have the hardware technical manual for the HX20, which includes
schematics, troubleshooting info, and theory-of-operation sections. Alas
I have no scanner, but I can e-mail you some hints, I think.

> have tree of them, but only one work corektly. the other two don=B4t =
> start the basic interpreter an work only with the monitor. do you have a =

Have you tried a 'cold reset' (IIRC hold down ctrl-_at_ -- there are
instruction at the start of the menu). Some of my HX20s had problems with
BASIC which turned out to be due to garbage in memeory that was confusing

> tip for me, where i can become information or schematics for tghe hx-20?

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