m4 data 1/2 tape drive woes

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Sat Jan 10 22:16:26 2004

Well I just confirmed my suspicions by hooking the m4 (9903) drive up to
it's original system (a General Automation Zebra 2820). The MK2 SCSI board
in the M4 data drive is "faulty", the controllers don't see it. I hate to go
in search of a new 1/2 SCSI tape drive as they are pretty expensive. My M4
is (comparatively) light, and was little used and in gorgeous condition.

So, what are the chances someone may have a "256K MK2 SCSI" board for an M4
Data 9903 tape drive? Or know where I might find/buy one?

Thanks :\

Jay West
Received on Sat Jan 10 2004 - 22:16:26 GMT

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