SBS/Bit3 Sbus-to-VME , PCI-to-VME, or ISA-to-VME cards

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 09:16:12 2004


   I don't know the pinout of the cable but I have a Bit3 VME/PCI adapter
card (the one for the VME end). If you do find the pinout I'd be interested
in getting a copy of it.

  Ethan said:

I'm unfamiliar with that model. We have an SiS1100 PCI-VME bridge here,
but it uses a fiber pair to connect the ends.

    FWIW My card has two 26 pin ribbon cable headers on the front. I don't
know if it uses those or the auxillery connector on the rear fo the card
but there's no fiber on it. There is a plug on the card that might be for a
mezzanine card. Perhaps a fiber interface can be installed there.


At 11:57 PM 1/10/04 -0500, you wrote:
>I have recently aquired a SBS PCI-to-VME adapter card, but it came without a
>cable. Does anyone know the pinouts of the two cards so that I can fashion
>one up? The exact model is SBS 616 PCI-to-VME bridge adapter. The same
>cable is used on the Sbus-to-VME and the ISA-to-VME cards as well...
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