the computer gods giveth, and take away (mild humor/angst)

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Mon Jan 5 23:45:25 2004

oh my Jay!

do you have the old iron cab or the alum. one. look at the systems at on the home page... if it is the dual cab. you can take the
two cabs. off the base after taking everything out of them and move it
though and then reassemble the cabs. on the base, reload the stuff and
viola! it is done... that is the only way we got it into the area it is
currently on display....

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Subject: the computer gods giveth, and take away (mild humor/angst)

> Giveth:
> An old LA36 I got about 5 years ago, never even touched it, just pushed it
> into a corner. Tonight I was cleaning out the room where I house "finished
> systems", so sitting down for a rest I noticed the easy access door on the
> back. Opened it to see what the inside of an LA36 looked like. Neatly
> bundled up inside was an 8E async line interface card, complete with
> Yay!
> Taketh Away:
> After working years on my HP2000 restoration, it's finally done, except
> modifying the rails for the punch - but even with the wrong rails the
> sits in the rack nicely. So, you're never "done" with a system
> but I'm pretty much "done" with it. So, after cleaning out the room (aka
> shrine) it has been destined for all these years, I roll the nice double
> rack through the basement towards it's hallowed resting place... and stop
> cold at the doorway. The rack is too big to fit through the door and into
> the room. Not to be easily deterred, I looked around the door jam to see
> I could take the door frame out and make it through. No dice, even if I
> out the door frame. It's right on two studs, and the distance between
> is about 2 inches short. Tomorrow night I may well contemplate cutting the
> bottom of one of the studs off so the anti-tip ledge in front of the rack
> whole ledge, not a leg - and it's not removeable) can fit through. Hope
> isn't a load bearing stud or whatever.
> *sigh*
> Jay West
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