Thanks for all the VMS info!

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 15:40:31 2004

Thanks all who have given me so very much Good Information - hours of fun!

It's a good thing that I had a bit of prior VMS exposure... of course
the thing that becomes apparent is that I'd like to get some actual
programs running, as opposed to just mucking about with the OS, however I
enjoy that too...

  I'll figure the Ethernet connections out - and since there is a
functioning telnet client that I've already run... I'll get NetBSD or some
flavor of some *ix....

Also I downloaded all the pinouts and cable connections, so I'll also have
to get a graphics monitor attached - after I see if I've actually got a
card of some kind installed...

  Thanks again to all, and I'm sure there will be a few more [(few)exp10]
questions but I seem to be in the right place for that...


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