Apple A/UX

From: John A. Dundas III <>
Date: Mon Jan 12 12:02:37 2004

You might try contacting Jim Jagielski <>.

I used to do some A/UX development but it was in the V2 and V3 era.
Jim used to have a great A/UX archive, though I don't see it
available right this moment.


At 4:08 AM -0500 1/10/04, Teo Zenios wrote:
>The last release of apple A/UX was 3.1 that came with my AWS95
>machine, before that there was A/UX 2.0 for the IIfx and other
>machines in that era. What I want to know is was A/UX 1.0 ever
>released and what systems/requirements did it need to run? Until
>recently there was very little information on A/UX 2.0 on the web
>and I still havnt seen anything on 1.0 at all (3.0 is well
>If it does exists its probably 14+ years old.
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