From: Adam Goldman <adamg_at_pobox.com>
Date: Mon Jan 12 19:21:26 2004

I just bought three big SGIs but was only able to make room for two of them.
Oops. I'm looking to trade the extra one for a smaller SGI, or for a Sun,
a micro, video game stuff, test and measurement equipment, some DIP-packaged
27c160 EPROMs or a hamburger. It's an SGI "Power Series" 4D/something,
black with blue trim, about dishwasher size and a few hundred pounds. I don't
know if it's currently operable. With appropriate modifications it could
probably be a nice coffee table or NFS server. I will deliver in the
Los Angeles area, but the recipient will need to help unload, ideally with a
forklift, or else with a movable platform we can slide it on to. I need to
get rid of it fast before the computer gods destroy it. I hope to hear from
someone soon. Thanks!

(Also available: Gould 2800S strip chart recorder with 8 or so channels of
"DC amplifier" inputs, 19" rack mount by a foot or so high, not too heavy or
deep. And a Canon fax machine. How the hell did that get in there? All

-- Adam
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