IDE-Qbus/Unibus was:Re: Old IDE hard drives

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Tue Jan 13 23:22:05 2004

> To that end, given that there were two known homebrew IDE/ATA
> adapters (one from Ukraine; other shown at:
> ), I want to know everybody's
> opinion of these?

> In fact, the ATA adapter has not shown any development
> progress since April 2002, so it may be a non-starter.

I think that's the one I was working on, back about then. I got a
driver written, and it sort-of worked, but it was doing really bizarre
things I couldn't explain. (Doing one-sector reads of sectors 0 and 1
gave different results from doing a two-sector read starting with
sector 0, that's the flavor - but none of the reasonably simple
explanations I came up with matched the behaviour I saw; I never did
figure out what was going on. I was working remotely, which may or may
not be part of why I never figured it out.)

> What has anybody else done toward getting an IDE/ATA adapter of some
> sort built and stuffed into their Qbus or Unibus machine(s)?

Me? Nothing, though I *am* rather tempted to try to track down a Qbus
interface chipset, some devel pcbs, and take on the task myself.

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