physical tape drive emulation? ts-11?

From: Brad Parker <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 14:43:00 2004

"Zane H. Healy" wrote:
>You can take a look at 'vtserver', though it seems to only be for Unix (I'm no
>t positive about this, as I've not looked into it much).

Excellent suggestion - I especially like the first stage boot code in
octal. (I'm serious actually, it means I can boot from nothing, which
is what I need).

It looks like it will do what I want. (I have fun memories of RSTS/E but
it's BSD that I want).

>If you get RL02 drives, and a MicroVAX (Q-Bus) with an RLV12 controller to dri
>ve the RL01/RL02 drives, there are a few tricks that you can pull to get an OS
> onto the packs. Still, that might be a lot more hardware to collect.

No such thing as too much... :-) besides, my Symbolics 3600 is getting


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