Emulators of Classic Computers

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Date: Wed Jan 14 14:52:39 2004

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Subject: Emulators of Classic Computers

> Hello All:
> I've just started a new job (!) at a small firm that does computer
> consulting for architectural firms. One project we are involved with is a
> study for the Art Institute of Chicago on how best to collect the digital
> design data (CAD files, 3D renderings, PowerPoint client presentations,
> etc.) that architects are more and more producing. One question that has
> arisen is, even if we save the raw files, how will we view them in 50 (or
> even 5) years? The AIC doesn't want to collect all the systems and
> that architects use, so the suggestion to use emulators has come up.
> I'd like to pick the collective brains of the list and ask what emulators
> people know of. If you could email me at rfeldman<at>kfa<dash>inc<dot>com,
> listing the hardware and software emulated and what the emulator runs on,
> I'd appreciate it.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Bob
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Even if you can emulate the old hardware with software that same software
will have to run on the computer architecture thats around in 50 years so
good luck. Even today programs that convert from 1 format of cad package to
anothger always have something that needs fixed. The only real backup is to
do what people have been doing for 100's of years, print it to paper and
store it in multiple places and then microfiche the printouts for space
saving storage. I have been at engineering companies that have no idea where
the cad file for a system is (the people quit and their filing system went
with them), but you can find the printouts to see what they did. Paperless
offices really dont exist as far as I have seen. Even if you had an emulator
that viewed the file on whatever machine is available in 50 years the data
itself would be almost worthless because people cant modify anything without
redrawing the whole thing anyway.
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