HP2000/Access - in it's final form - alive!!

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Jan 14 17:47:34 2004

Well, the HP2K system restoration is done (except for the rails for the
paper tape punch, but those aren't visible, it's temporarily mounted
anyways). I've been through several sysgens and all is perfect. Even typed
in a program I had a listing for that I wrote in high school that creates
word search puzzles :)

For those wondering, yes, I can confirm, 7906 drives (non H models) work
wonderfully, you just don't get to use head 3 (at least for variants of TSB
that support 7905's - variants that support 7900 or older (E) of course will
not work with 7906's). I ran into a problem with the 7970, turned out to be
a tape reel lockdown mechanism was faulty and the reel was slipping during
use. That's fixed too. I am suprised how much heat the system generates!

Now I'm looking for HIB tapes to get a respectable system library. I also
ordered a wireless card for my PC downstairs, so I will be putting
2000/Access online via telnet for just a little while. Many people requested
dialup access, but I think telnet will be easier.

I want to give an extra special thanks to many people who have helped me
along the way - Craig and Larry at Crisis Computer (call them for HP parts,
great guys!), Al Kossow, Eric Smith, Jeff Moffatt, Bob Shannon, Stan Seiler,
Frank McConnell, Bill McDermith, and... everyone on the classiccmp list for
years of help and advice on various issues.

What's next? Hummm restoring an HP 2610A printer? Or my 11/45? Or upgrading
my 8E to use RK05? Or maybe finally getting back to hpemu? We'll see!

Thanks very much folks!

Jay West
PS - Al, my MCP tapes are fine. It was the tape reel slipping that made me
think it was bad!
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