E11 and RT11v2

From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinexgs2_at_compsys.to>
Date: Wed Jan 14 18:12:59 2004

>"Zane H. Healy" wrote:

> >I was trying to organize some E11 stuff, spread over several computers,
> >and could not gey my rk05/RT11v2B to boot.

Jerome Fine replies:

I answered Nick Oliviero privately since I did not
think that anyone else might be interested.

While I have everything on one computer now,
there is quite a lot! I am attempting to copy as
many different RT-11 distributions to a CD as
I can find.

I did boot on RK05 under E11:
V02C-02 20-Nov-1975 both SJ and FB
V03B-00 date not reliable both SJ and FB

I doubt that E11 could boot both of the above
versions and not be able to boot V02B.

> >Some years back when I first loaded these images, I
> >thought these had booted for me, but maybe my memory is
> >playing tricks on me. Anyone ever succeeded in
> >booting v2B under E11?
> I'm pretty sure I've booted V2C off of an RP02 using E11, for one thing I don't think that simh supports RP02's or at least at that time it didn't. I can't check, as I don't have a system that can run E11 at the moment (I really do need to find time to get a small x86 Linux box up and running for E11, simh, and KLH10).

The V20C that I just tested was acquired in
Montreal about 2 years ago. I acquired a
number of RK05 media along with an RK05
drive. A year later I was able to borrow an
RK05 controller and copy the media to
a Sony SMO S-501 media.

I am attempting to make up a "pristine" RK05
distribution for V02C, but I have doubts I will
be able to do so. Can anyone else help. I
probably have all or at least most of the files,
but the order is in question.

I also have V03B as well from an RK05, BUT
the media had a lot of bad blocks, so probably
many files are bad.

In addition, I am confident that I have a V4.00C
image on an RK05, but it is not yet "pristine".
In particular, the Volume ID / Owner may be
incorrect, and the order of the files could be
different. Plus there could be other aspects
that do not match, but I am confident it is
close enough at this point unless someone
else has a copy that I could compare with?

In general, does anyone have any RT-11
distributions for V1x, V2x, V3x and V4x
that can be checked against other copies?
I prefer RK05, but they seem very difficult
to fine, so any media would be gratefully

> I think it was simh that I used for booting RT-11 V1.

I think I also have that image as well. Do you know
what device is used? I will try with an RX01 first.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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