Looking to Restore PDP-8

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Wed Jan 14 21:57:31 2004

Greeting to all.

I am looking to restore a PDP-8 computer (any flavor except PDP-8/A).
Thought I had located a unit at a reasonable price, but the deal just fell

If anyone has items they would like to sell/trade/etc or know of some solid
leads, I would be extremely grateful.

The equipment will have a good home, and will be well cared for. I
programmed PDP-8's from 1971 until around 1988 (continued to program PDP-11
and Vax machines until the mid 90's).

My wife is claiming this is my "mid-life crisis". Who knows she could be

I am especially interested in loacting a TU-56 tape unit to install on the
machine. Ideally I will be able to get it running TSS-8, but may have to
settle for OS/8.

Also interested in ASR-33's with working papertape, as well as a high speed
paper tape reader/punch (e.g. PC01).

Thanks, and looing forward to hearing from all.....
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