IBM series/1

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Wed Jan 14 23:47:18 2004

>Say, this guy is less than half an hour from me. If someone is interested
>(I would be save for the $875 price tag) then I'd be willing to help with
>the shipping and such.

I hate to think of the shipping costs. Heavy stuff, those old IBM's!
And I'm a little spoiled having got mine for free. Almost tempted to
talk to them, but it looks like they're setup for 220, too. Grr.
As long as there is a Series/1 thread going, anyone know of a
local(PDX) source for a 110v hard drive? Or any ideas on what to do
with one that has no drives? Or even a way to hook up a smaller
terminal? I hate to have it just sitting there doing nothing.

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