physical tape drive emulation? ts-11?

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 04:53:31 2004

On Jan 14, 2004, at 2:29 PM, Zane H. Healy wrote:

>> This may seem silly, but it occured to me this morning (musing about
>> how
>> to boot an old 11/34) that I could use a device which would pretend to
>> be an actual tape drive.
> You can take a look at 'vtserver', though it seems to only be for Unix
> (I'm not positive about this, as I've not looked into it much).

   I don't know about booting another OS directly from vtserver, but
I've successfully copied a BRUSYS image to RX02 with it, and booted
from the resulting disk. ISTR that there's also a method to make a
vtserver-bootable xxdp image, but I've not tried it.

> If you get RL02 drives, and a MicroVAX (Q-Bus) with an RLV12
> controller to drive the RL01/RL02 drives, there are a few tricks that
> you can pull to get an OS onto the packs. Still, that might be a lot
> more hardware to collect.

   Heh. I've got SDI with functional RA60s and media, TU80, several
miles of tape, RX02s with exactly two(2) working floppy disks and about
30 pounds of 8-inch bulk-erased coasters, and a borrowed RT-11
v5.<mumble> install set on 8-inch media, except Disk 1 has about 3
critical corrupt files on it.

   I apparently own the licenses for both RT-11 v5.x and RSX11M on this
box (very long story), but the previous owner bulk-erased *all* the
storage media except the disk packs (and wrote zeroes, then trash files
then zeroes again, to the disk packs). Including all the distribution

   It's enough to make a grown man cry. I've got BSD running on it, but
frankly, I've got a metric assload of Unix boxes that are more
interesting as Unix servers and cheaper to run. I wanted something
that's unique to my PDP-11.


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