Emulators of Classic Computers

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Date: Thu Jan 15 20:51:46 2004

Quothe Teo Zenios, from writings of Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 04:45:28PM -0500:
> How often does a home user clip thier 300Watt amplifiers these days?

That depends upon whether that amp is delivering 300W RMS or 300W peak
power. For most consumer-grade amps, and car audio, I'd suspect that
300W means the later. Of course, when sitting at stop lights, listen
to how many people play their 1200W (snicker) car stereos at levels
where they're clipping.

> People buy tube amps because they are made in small quantities and are much
> more expensive so it must be better $$$$$$$

Nah, they like the warm glow of the thermionic valves and the classic
sound. :-) Besides, look at how many people are also building their
own tube amps without spending a fortune. A small amp delivering
under 15W RMS shouldn't cost much at all to build from some spare
parts, and even a pair of 280 W RMS mono tube amps wouldn't cost all
that much more to build than it would cost to buy a used Phase Linear
400, solid-state amp or a couple of used Crown DC-300A, solid-state,
amps in excellent condition.

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