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From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Jan 15 20:38:26 2004

>> How often does a home user clip thier 300Watt amplifiers these days?
> Anyone that is abusing a tube amplifier with powers like this should
> have their mouths filled with cement. There just aren't that many
> tubes being made these days...

I'm reminded of someone I met briefly - years ago - who apparently not
only had an all-firebottle audio setup, but for the power output stage
was using radio-station power transmitting tubes - running class A.

Could heat his house with it, but it was dead flat from DC clear up
into the megahertz. Sounds like overkill to me, but if that's what he
wants to splurge on, well, we here on classiccmp are not in much of a
position to cast asparagus :-)

As for differences between tube and transistor...personally, I've never
heard a side-by-side comparison, and my ear is not good enough to hear
differences over a time-separated comparison. I know people who have,
though, and they tell me the differences are small but real (probably
below your typical few-hundred-dollar home speaker's resolution,
though); absent personal experience to the contrary, I see no reason to
doubt their claims.

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