Emulators of Classic Computers

From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Thu Jan 15 22:07:46 2004

R. D. Davis wrote:
> Nah, they like the warm glow of the thermionic valves and the classic
> sound. :-) Besides, look at how many people are also building their
> own tube amps without spending a fortune. A small amp delivering
> under 15W RMS shouldn't cost much at all to build from some spare
> parts, and even a pair of 280 W RMS mono tube amps wouldn't cost all
> that much more to build than it would cost to buy a used Phase Linear
> 400, solid-state amp or a couple of used Crown DC-300A, solid-state,
> amps in excellent condition.

You get what you pay for! The same goes for good quality audio.
Parts for a good amp is about $600 US with more $$$ for 'vintage' parts.
So far for my 4 watt/channel amp I have spent $250 on the big iron
and $250 for new electronic components.The other $100 is for the
box to mount the stuff on,and keep the cat's paws off the tubes.
Pro-quality would be twice that price.

Unlike classic computers, you can still build tube stuff out of your
basement.I have not seen any U-build computer kits, that made real
computers from TTL. ( IE front pannel, > 4k words of memory, real I/O. )
Hal Chamberlin I think had plans for a real computer years ago, but I
read that in Kilobuad and am not quite sure.
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