Emulation (Was: Emulators of Classic Computers)

From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Thu Jan 15 22:54:56 2004

R. D. Davis wrote:

> Good idea! That would be more fun, and more realistic, than using all
> of those programmable ICs. Has anyone given much serious thought to
> this? It seems that we could purchase large quantities of surplus
> small signal transistors very inexpensively. Ok, we'd have to make
> some changes, such as using slilcon rather than germanium... but, that
> should be a minor issue.
You can get new transistors in bulk cheap too.

PMBTH10 's are 9 cents each. 1 GHZ NPN switching transistor.
Beef up your classic PDP-8 with this transistor. :)
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