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From: Rob O'Donnell <classiccmp.org_at_irrelevant.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jan 16 04:00:13 2004

All this talk of emulators has got me thinking. (See you knew you could
smell burning dust.)

Does anybody know of an emulator of the BBC Micro that supports:
- Econet (networking, preferably mapped over tcp/ip so I can run multiple
emulators and have them talk to each other)
- Serial Port as Telnet (A couple will map to COM1 etc, but would be nice
to have a telnet interface instead)
- Tube/65C02 Second Processor

This is so I could set up my BBS again on a PC and not have to find space
for half a dozen micros and a hard disc unit the size of a 1KW UPS. (And
almost as heavy)

Somewhere out there in the world there is also at least one econet <-->
X.400 box, (coz I saw it on eBay) which was based on a BBC B with some
customer software/hardware - would be nice to get hold of the
specs/software on that too - could eventually link my emulated BBCs to the
Internet properly..
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