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From: Rob O'Donnell <classiccmp.org_at_irrelevant.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jan 16 06:43:22 2004

At 11:39 16/01/2004 +0000, Pete Turnbull wrote:

>On Jan 16, 10:00, Rob O'Donnell wrote:
> >
> > Somewhere out there in the world there is also at least one econet
> > X.400 box, (coz I saw it on eBay) which was based on a BBC B with
> > customer software/hardware - would be nice to get hold of the
> > specs/software on that too - could eventually link my emulated BBCs
>to the
> > Internet properly..
>X.400 is a messaging (email etc) protocol; I think you've seen an Acorn
>X.25 Gateway. They weren't one of Acorn's success stories :-) I
>recall the Psychology Department at Edinburgh University had one, they
>intended it to link their Econet lab to the ERCC network and thence to
>JANET. It's a box with a BBC motherboard and some extra gubbins in it.
> You'd be better to run something like !Gateway on an Archimedes or
>RISC PC with an Econet and an Ethernet interface.

That sounds about right, actually... My memory is somewhat bad. Of course
if I'm emulating the BBCs and the Econet, I dare say I should be able to
write something to translate directly, but doing it "right" (even if only
in software) feels better somehow.
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