Oldest Working PC?

From: Robert Feldman <r_a_feldman_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Jan 16 08:59:23 2004

>From The Register: "Intel and HP find oldest working PC"

"Dutch company PHI DATA yesterday received a 18,000 prize from Intel, HP
and Dutch IT weekly Computable for still owning and operating a vintage IBM
5160 (Intel 8088) computer from 1983. PHI Data uses the IBM to test matrix
printers. It is now officialy the oldest obsolete-yet-active PC in the Low
"When Dell ran a contest in the USA back in 1999 for the oldest
small-business PC still in use, the winner was the Altair 8800b. Still
running a 1960 Digital PDP-1 to do your maths? Let us know."

I suspect that a number on this list can do better.


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