MicroVAX I update part II the sequel

From: Witchy <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jan 16 12:15:52 2004

Evenin' folks,

OK, I've just finished (for now) trying to get a full POST out of the VAX.
It needed a dummy load to powerup with no cards or devices present so I used
an old suspect RD54. Voltages fine and stable so in with the CPU cards

it passes the CPU tests and stops at 3 on the LED. The VT220 shows '00000000
03' which I took to mean it hadn't found any memory. RUN light stays off.
'Fine,' I think, and put the 1mb memory board in.

Still stops at 3, and sometimes the 'ready' button and 'drive 1 write
protect' LED flash alternately. It hasn't got to accessing the RQDX2 yet,
I'm making the assumption that tests 2,1 and 0 are the same as they are for
most other microvaxen.

Has anyone got a copy of the MV I owners guide or know if it lives on an FTP
server somewhere? The backplate has the list of tests on and according to it
'3' is marked as '640K??' but it stops there no matter which mem board I've
got installed, and I don't believe they're both toast. I'm reluctant to
borrow a 4mb board out of one of my other machines in case it gets nuked.

Could be a suspect backplane I suppose.

Any clues?

Cheers :)

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