Battery connections on laptop.

From: Andy Holt <>
Date: Fri Jan 16 15:05:29 2004

> The problem is all those connections; I have no idea what they
> do and only
> a couple of them are needed for transfer of power to the computer. At
> least part of the rest must be communicating data about the state of the
> battery, either for the sake of charging or for warning of the
> soon-to-come
> shut-down for lack of enough power to continue. I would have to lie to
> the computer in such a way it thinks it is monitoring a Li-Ion
> battery, but
> to do it I need to know what the lies must say. Does anybody
> have a clue
> what the functions of these connections are?
Try a web search for "Smart Battery Data Specification"
I'm not sure that this is what Toshiba uses, but many other laptop Li-on
batteries do.

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