Old stuff and schematics in Kansas City

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Date: Fri Jan 16 18:51:01 2004

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Subject: Old stuff and schematics in Kansas City

> My old image processing lab at the university is being renovated and all
of the equipment has to go. I have come across a schematic for a Kennedy
9400 tape formatter and some other devices. We used to write our own
interfaces to a homegrown computer system. I may have some Fujitsu Eagle
manuals. There are also many electronics catalogs from the the late 1980's,
the electronics shop has to go. I'm hauling all I can get. I don't want
the manuals and catalogs, but I'm not throwing them away.
> 2 Quadra 950's with array processors from 1993 with dual 24" image systems
> Graphon 225 terminal
> Sun IPC
> HDS X-terminals
> I'm tracking an alphaserver 2100
> I'll make up a list, most of the stuff can be had for shipping costs. I
want the alphaserver and manuals.
> Mike McFadden

What array processors are on the Quadras? Would be interested in those and
anything else Q950 related
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