LEDs Was: Re: Emulation (Was: Emulators of Classic Computers))

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Fri Jan 16 22:13:23 2004

I just had to replace some SMT leds, in 0402 packages.

Thats quite small.

Rob O'Donnell wrote:

> At 04:43 16/01/2004 -0500, der Mouse wrote:
>> Actually, I'm a bit interested in the other direction: how _small_
>> do/can LEDs get? (And how much heat do they produce?) I've been
>> pondering something, but in order for it to be workable I need to be
>> able to cover fairly large areas with some kind of display technology
>> at a resolution no worse than about 75dpi. Since "large areas" means
>> dozens of square feet, too large for a CRT, all I've been able to think
>> of are LEDs. But I don't know how practical (or more likely how
>> drastically impractical) that is.
> I remember building a LED matrix as a project when I was an apprentice
> (for Ferranti Computer Systmes). 8x7 LEDs, driven by the 8-bit
> parallel user-port on a BBC B. Made some nifty patterns, as well as
> scrolling text, etc. I still have it, but not sure I can find my
> software now.
> Anyway, a quick google turned up a mfr that does LED matrix modules.
> This one looks close to your dpi requirement
> http://www.okaya.com/HP3/image/RG160160-C.pdf (if I am translating 160
> dots in a 63.5mm wide module correctly) you might have to deal with
> the 'margin' though. But I am sure if I find a hit that quick, there
> will be others about.
> Rob
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