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From: Andy Holt <andyh_at_andyh-rayleigh.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Sat Jan 17 01:03:29 2004

In the UK, the Amateur Computer Club newsletter published a design for a TTL
processor ... think it was called the WB-1. This was in the days before the
"classic" 77/68 but I think it had the same designer (Mike Lord?).

Does anyone have a remaining set of the newsletters that could be scanned
and made available?


> > Somewhere around here, I think that I may have a book from the 1970's
> > pertaining to building a computer from TTL... will have to look for
> > it. I only recall Byte (an article by Steve Ciarcia?) having
> > published an article about building a computer from chips, but I think
> > it used a microprocessor... hopefully someone can prove me wrong about
> > that.
> Steve Ciarcia's bomebrew computers (he did several -- I remember an 8088
> system in 5 chips, a sort-of PC compatible, a Z8 board without even
> thinking about it) were based on microprocessors. But I do remember a
> Byte article on making a homebrew CPU (from TTL). I think it was called
> 'EGO', and hung off a Tandy 2000.
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