classiccmp outage (grave-yard shift in the data center)

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 12:08:47 2004

You think that's bad? Try doing security. Patrol was bad enough - the
drunks are scarier than ghosts when coming at you at 60+ mph the
wrong way on the Interstate - but there is more than enough ghosts
out there to keep you on your toes! There were several buildings that
I avoided whenever possible - I'm sure they were haunted. OK, kevlar
and a gun makes you feel a little better when approaching a drunk
bum... But how is it going to help against a ghost? A Glock can only
do so much.

OT: Hey, I finally got ircd running on my iMac! Compiling Bahamut is
a PITA, and strangely the 1.6 RC3 beta worked and the 1.something
release didn't. Go figure. Now to figure out just why I did all of

>The funny part, in a sad kind of way, was that the Data Center was
>supposedly haunted by an unfriendly ghost. Your mind can start to play
>tricks on you at two in the morning. Did you just see a shadow dart behind
>the far Superdome? Is that a voice that you keep hearing underneath the
>noise of the data center? Why is the hair on your neck suddenly standing up?
>Why did the broom just fall over? Yes. The grave-yard shift in a haunted
>data center was not much fun for me, but at least I couldn't hear the foot
>steps of the ghosts creeping up behind me, and that's a good thing.
>Otherwise, I would have had to face the morning beauties with bad breath AND
>soiled underpants.

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