pdp problems

From: Dan Williams <dan_williams_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Sat Jan 17 15:18:14 2004

I am having problems with the pdp 11/04 I picked up last week. If I
power on with the machine without the extra cards, I get output on the
la36 with a $ prompt. So far so good. But with the card cage connected
the run light is permenantly on (ie. with halt switched), with no
output.on anything (There are two rs232, la36 and a display unit)
So the main questions are :

what could cause this ?.
The main cpu box has a 7856 which the la36 is connected to, also a 7800
which has an rs232 cable connected to it, how do I get the console
output to this so I can use vtserver on it ?
The controller card for the rx01 is in the extra card box, In the short
term can this be moved to the main box ?

It has a dead rk11-d and an untested rk11-c with no power supply unit
and no case. What sort of power supply runs this, I also picked up about
5 different power supplies with this, so one of these might do the trick.

Thanks for any help

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