This just makes me really SICK

From: vrs <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 15:51:57 2004

> Not to mention the ebay id of "gold snipper"
> And the fine print says "pulled from a retired HP 2117F
> Don't these people know it's worth more together??? *sigh*

I was just wondering...I know it is worth more to *us* before it is taken

Is it also true that it is worth more everywhere before it is taken apart?
Or is it the case that someone will give more money to take it apart (for
the gold, or whatever)?

Does it matter if the machine is in working condition (so that a collector
would pay top dollar), or if it is a dusty-rusty (perhaps already with
pieces missing)?

If so, does this indicate we are too cheap to save some of these machines?
Bear in mind it will cost the time and effort to find a collector that is
interested, etc.

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