LEDs Was: Re: Emulation (Was: Emulators of Classic Computers))

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Sat Jan 17 16:49:13 2004

>> What I really want to build, y'see, is a cellular automaton machine.
>> Ideally, it would be little modules that abut one another and
>> communicate neighbour cell state between modules somehow. Then add
>> a little logic behind each LED, and clock them in parallel.
> ah, a CM-1 :-)

Well...drastically simplified, perhaps. :-)

> I liked the cm-1 but I would allow them all to have independent
> program counters... :-)

MIMD rather than SIMD? The big advantage of SIMD is that you don't
need N copies of the instruction fetch and decode machinery....

The CA machine I'm thinking of wouldn't even have program counters;
each cell would conceptually be just a blob of combinatorial logic and
a flipflop for current cell state. There may be more state, such as
the 512 bits of RAM I mentioned in a past message, but that's an
implementation detail; conceptually those are control lines.

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