Iomec disc drive / HP 2871 Controller

From: Jay Jaeger <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 19:00:47 2004

In working on my disc drive on my HP 2114B (Its a 2870) I have run into a
little problem -- my drawings for the card are apparently out of date.

The drawings I have are in HP manual 02870-9002. The card in question is a
9048. The drawings I have are dated 3/70, and the ECO level on the drawing
is 1384. The card itself is datestamped Jul 9 70, and is stamped with a
number (which I take to the be ECO) of 1566.

The difference is right in the area (Phase 2) where things don't look right.

The card is in Gate B, Slot B7.

If anyone has newer drawings for the 2781 (aka Iomec 1802) I'd really
appreciate a scan of that module (about 5 pages) and a scan of the pinout
chart for that card location (the pinout chart is about half-way thru my
copy of the manual, and the card drawings are nearer the end).

(Hopefully my backplane and card *do* match..... X).

Jay Jaeger
Jay R. Jaeger The Computer Collection
Received on Sat Jan 17 2004 - 19:00:47 GMT

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