VAXstation SCSI question

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 00:25:20 2004

> On the back of the VS 3100 is a DEC SCSI connector that I would like to
> be able to adapt to a 'normal' SCSI I cable (Amphenol Blue Ribbon
> connector). The 2nd choice would be to connect to once of the spare
> cables inside the box...
It is a regular SCSI bus, just with a custom connector which
somewhat resembles an HD68 connector. The DEC cable is (from
memory) BC09-J I believe... it took me a long time to find and
acquire two of those :)

> Long shot: was there ever a Pertec formatter made for the VAXstations? Or
> SMD interface? Just curious...

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