PIP-1 Computer (Was: Emulators of Classic Computers)

From: Paul Pennington <paulpenn_at_knology.net>
Date: Sun Jan 18 11:10:40 2004

Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> Somewhere I have a Radio Shack book, a simple introduction to computing.
> All I can remember about it is that it's landscape format, has a green
> cover, and is spiral-bound along the top edge.
> Anyway, it contains a schematic for a very simple processor built from
> TTL (IIRC). Simple, in that it has 16 locations of 8 bits for the program
> memory, each 8 bit word is a 4 bit opcode and a 4 bit data memory address
> I ought to find said book and spend an enjoyable afternoon soldering it

    I have that book -- it's "Understanding Digital Computers" by Forrest M.
Mims, III, from 1978. Unfortunately, he describes a "hypothetical"
computer, the PIP-1, in chapter 8. There are diagrams throughout the book,
but none for this computer. He claims to have built a "similar" computer
himself using a dozen low-cost IC's, but this one was based on the book
"Digital Computer Electronics" by Albert Paul Malvino, 1977.

    It might be possible to build a PIP-1 from the logical description in
the book. Be sure and post a schematic if you do!

    Paul Pennington
    Augusta, Georgia
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