Foam replacement options

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 11:20:49 2004

On Jan 18, 10:01, Richard A. Cini wrote:
> I pulled out my Model 100 the other day and discovered that the foam
in the
> hard case has begun to disintegrate. The hard case is the Radio Shack
> original-issue hard case, so the foam is a pretty big size.
> I'm sure that others have experienced this already and I was
searching for
> replacement options that didn't involve gluing together small pieces
of foam
> to fit the case.

Is this foam for dust filtering? Or thin foam for holding boards in
place? Or thick foam for cushioning against shock?

For the first, I use the filter material sold for cooker
hoods/extractors. It's cheap, available in many hardware stores and
kitchen suppliers, and doesn't impede the air flow too much. It can
also be pulled apart to get a half-thickness.

For the other two, I go to the nearest upholstery shop, or any place
that repairs furniture or car seats. They sell various densities and
thicknesses, often cut to size, or in standard small quantities (like
15" or 18" square).

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