why ?

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Sun Jan 18 14:35:07 2004

> I realy don't know where you have a problem (BTW, plural
> of Euro is still Euro, or if you insist, then it's at least
> Eurii). The Euro is finaly back where the Mark once has been.

Here in the UK it definitely seems to be Euros - maybe we'll
switch if we ever join :-) Certainly in Italy the plural
is "Euro" and if the signs in France are anything to go by,
it's "Euro" there too (but that could just be their
equivalent of the greegrocer's apostrophe!).

Still, multiple hundreds of monetary units still seems
to be a considerable amount to pay for a tape of unknown
provenance and condition. (I know back in my first
paying job the system manager would recycle old distribution
tapes - I doubt he was the only one doing this!)

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