stuff destined for trash, speak up if wanted

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 16:58:23 2004

Finally cleaning out around the house, started with the PeeCee junk. It's in
a pile next to the trash, let me know if anyone needs any of this, quick, I
want it gone! Cost = Shipping (shipping included) :)

All these are ide hard drives, most all western digital caviars, a couple
quantum & fuji
five 2.0gb
two 2.1gb
three 2.5gb
five 1.6gb
(figured some might want these for SBC6120 projects, probably 95% of these
drives work, one or two may be bad)

CTS 212AH modem - didn't know if this might be old enough to be collectable

Mitsumi CD with non-ide interface card

Several quad speed ide cd's

a 5.25 1.2mb floppy drive

Many misc cards that go in 486 type systems - serial/parallel I/O cards,
sound cards, modems, etc.
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